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"Bermudez’s dark mezzo added some beautiful color to the “Benedictus” and the “Agnus Dei,” where in her solo work she demonstrated an admirable smoothness of line and sensitivity."

-Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Arts Paper

(Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass, Master Chorale of South Florida)

"The role of Dido, Queen of Carthage, went to mezzo-soprano Misty Leah Bermudez, a Seraphic Fire veteran whose royal status was indicated by her glittering jewelry and regal manner. Bermudez gave an affecting performance of the early aria Ah, Belinda, taking advantage of the intimate space of the church to allow for subtlety of vocal expression. In the famous concluding aria When I am Laid in Earth, as the despairing queen bids goodbye to the world, Bermudez gave a performance that was more defiant and less despondent than most, emotional but with the emotions of a queen."

-David Fleshler, South Florida Classical Review

(Dido & Aeneas, Seraphic Fire)

"...the singer’s [Misty Bermudez] rich tone color and compelling performance made the piece absolutely breathtaking."

-Karen Hauge,

(Rachmaninov's Vespers, Spire Chamber Ensemble)

"Among vocal soloists, mezzo-soprano Misty Leah Bermudez was a standout, giving an account of the Agnus Dei of great dignity, authority and vocal richness."

-David Fleshler, South Florida Classical Review

(Bach's B Minor Mass, Seraphic Fire)

"Mezzo Misty Bermudez, known locally as a member of Seraphic Fire, brought to her performance a discipline and joy that refreshed and nurtured the music."

-Alan Becker, South Florida Classical Reveiw

(Bach's Magnificat, Master Chorale of S. Fla. & Miami Symphony Orchestra)

“Mezzo Misty Bermudez gave a masterful, somber-colored rendition of Es is vollbracht.”

-Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Arts Paper

(Bach’s St. John Passion, Seraphic Fire)​

"The richness and depth of Misty Bermudez's Thou art gone up on high soared in emphatic, passionate tones."

-Lawrence Budman, South Florida Classical Review

(Handel's Messiah, Seraphic Fire)

“The mezzo-soprano Misty Leah Bermudez gave a vigorous, expressively sung Spanish solo in Ríu ríu chíu by the Renaissance composer Mateo Flecha.”

-David Fleshler, The Miami Herald

(A Candlelit Christmas, Seraphic Fire)

"Bermudez, a familiar feature at Seraphic Fire concerts, has a lovely dark coloring to her voice that was especially compelling here."

-Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Arts Paper

(Mozart's Requiem, Master Chorale of South Florida)

"Misty Bermudez gave dark sweetness to Handel's Ombra mai fu."

-Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Post

(Music For Kings, Seraphic Fire)

"Misty Bermudez's ravishing mezzo embraced the noble melody of Ombra mai fu."

-Lawrence Budman South Florida Sun-Sentinel

(Music For Kings, Seraphic Fire)

"Misty Leah Bermudez's Sorceress, all evil smiles and insinuating tones, was a comically sinister villain."

-David Fleshler, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

(Dido and Aeneas, Seraphic Fire)

"Bermudez negotiated the tortuous leaps and wide range with great finesse and attentive word-painting. Throughout the cycle the mezzo precisely etched the elliptical emotions and fleeting joys and torments, from operatic desperation to psychic dislocation."

-Lawrence A Johnson, The Miami Herald

(Schoenberg's Cabaret Songs and The Book of the Hanging Gardens, Solo Vocal Recital,)

"Misty Bermudez brought fine spiritual expression to the Agnus Dei."

-Lawrence A. Johnson, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

(J. S. Bach's Mass in B Minor, Seraphic Fire)

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